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About Us

Smart Language Solutions is the Language Exchange website


Smart Language Solutions has been involved in providing online foreign language training to clients around the world since 2005.

Smart Language Solutions the Language Exchange website Our philosophy is simple, “language is best learnt in action”. This means that only by living a language can you improve a language.
However, we also know that most of us are very self-conscious when we want to practice our language skills, and this is why we created this website.
Smart Language Solutions allows our members to improve their foreign language skills with like-minded people.

For example, you want to improve your Italian before your summer holiday in Tuscany, but haven’t spoken Italian since you left school or your last visit to Italy a few years ago.
Log into Smart Langauge Solutions and look for an Italian person who wants to improve their English. Meet them securely online on our website, spend some time talking in English, (we don’t expect you to teach them English, but correct the errors you hear) and then spend some time talking in Italian, and your new Italian partner will help you improve.

Sometime we all need the help of a professional to move our language skills to a higher level, which is why we partner with some of the world’s best online language tutors and online language schools.
Before listing on our site, we check the credentials of all our tutors to ensure they are qualified to teach languages online, so you can be sure that our tutors are able to meet your needs.
We also cut the cost of pro tutor lessons because we don’t charge a lesson commission, just a one off introduction fee.

At Smart Language Solutions we also know that sometimes you don’t have the time to invest into formal learning, which is why we offer, what we think are the best, short lessons on all aspects of language learning on our blog site.

With offices in the UK, Ireland, Russia, and Spain, we are sure that Smart Language Solutions is your one stop shop to improve your foreign language skills.

Thank you for visiting Smart Language Solutions is the Language Exchange website.


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