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Chat – How to Exchange

Where the World chats

Chat – How to Exchange

How to exchange language, and improve your second language for free!

On this page we will explain how to find a chat partner and give you some tips on safe chatting.

Welcome to Smart Language Solutions where you can exchange your native language for the second language you want to improve.

We strongly recommend that you only offer your native language for exchange.

Five steps to improving your second language.

Step One:
Create a profile on our website, or login using your social media ID.
In your profile set your native language and what language you want to improve.

Step Two:
Search our database for chat partners who want to improve their understanding of your native language and whose native language is the language you want to improve.
Send as many secure and polite messages as you want to other chat partners.
If a user declines your request, you MUST respect their wishes.

Step Three:
While you wait for replies to your chat requests, jump into the Smart Language Solutions open chat room and interact with other chat partners.

step Four:
When you get positive chat replies to your chat requests, set a time and date to meet your new potential chat partners in one of the private chat rooms on the Smart Language Solutions website.

step Five:
Help your chat partner improve your native language and then improve the second language you want to learn with help from your chat partner.


First Chat

It can be a challenging experience to meet a new chat partner and to speak a foreign language with them, so here are some tips to help you with your first chat.

  • Before you chat (audio & video) with a new chat partner use the Smart Language Solutions text service to ask as many questions as possible, get comfortable with the person that you are planning to chat with before you chat.
  • When you agreed to chat (audio & video) with your new chat partner, make sure that your internet connection is good enough to support audio and video.
    If your internet connection is not able to support both audio and video use audio only audio.
  • When you start your first chat simply say “hello my name is ….” and see how the conversation goes.
  • Smart Language Solutions is a language exchange website not a dating or sex chat site, so keep the chat clean and if you are using your webcam remember LEWD ACTS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDEN by our terms and conditions.
    If you feel pressured to do a lewd act, end the chat, and report the chat partner.
  • If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the chat you are having, immediately tell the other person that you don’t want to talk about this particular subject.
  • You can always terminate the chat at anytime by pressing the END button.
    You can also block chat partners from contacting you.
  • Do not share your email, social media profile, or phone numbers with your new chat partner.
    If you feel pressured to share these details end the chat.
    However if your chat partner becomes a friend then you may want to share these details.
  • If you are going to record the chat, you must tell your chat partner that you are recording the chat.

Exchanging your language should be enjoyable and we recommend always using your common sense.


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