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Tutor – How to find one

Where the World chats

Tutor – How to find one

Private Language Tutors and teachers online.


Here at Smart Language Solutions we have made it easy for you to find the best online language teachers, tutors and language schools.

All private language tutors and teachers are freelance and are not employed by Smart Language Solutions.

Seven steps to find your perfect private language tutor or teacher.

Step One:
Create a chat profile on website, or log in using your social media ID.
In your profile set your native language and what language you want to learn.

Step Two:
Click here for our database of checked and approved private online language tutors and teachers.

Step Three:
Use the filters to search our database of private online language tutors and teachers.

Step Four:
Use the free Smart Language Solutions text service to make contact with as many tutors to discuss all your tuition needs.

Step Five:
When you and your tutor agree to work together, you must pay Smart Language Solutions €10* for the tutors contact details.
If you choose more than one tutor Smart Language Solutions will charge you €10 for each contact details.

Step Six:
Agree your lesson time, length and which chat app you and your tutor will use.
Because all tutors listed on the Smart Language Solutions database are freelance and are not employed by Smart Language Solutions you should use a known chat app such as Skype, WowApp, or FaceTime.

Step Seven:
Pay your tutor the agreed fee.
Enjoy your private language lesson with you new tutor.


Your First Lesson

Here are some tips to help your experience with your private online language tutor more worthwhile.

  • You are a paying client, this is your lesson.
    Your tutor should teach you what you want to learn, not what they think you should learn.
  • Before your first lesson use the Smart Language Solutions text service to ask your potential tutor as many questions as you want so that you are as sure as you can be that the tutor is the best tutor for your requirements.
  • When you agree to meet a tutor for a lesson, ensure your internet connection is good enough to support audio and video.
    If your internet connection is not able to support both audio and video use audio only audio.
  • Let the tutor lead the lesson, but always make sure that the tutor is teaching what you want to learn.
    If you don’t understand the lesson, tell the tutor.
  • Remind the tutor to send you a short written report on the lesson.
    The report should review what you did in the lesson and what the tutor thinks you should do in your time to improve your language skill.
  • If you are going to record the lesson, you must tell your tutor that you are recording the chat.
  • If you think your tutor has advertised their abilities incorrectly, click here to send us an email, tell us what the issue was and we will investigate.
  • If your tutor was abusive click here to email us and we will investigate.


As with all things online always use your common sense.


*Smart Language Solutions acts as an introduction agent only.
Once a tutee and tutor agree to work together, Smart Language Solutions is no longer involved.
Tutees make arrangements for lessons directly with tutors and make payments directly to tutors.
If a tutee makes a payment and a tutor does not honour the lesson, this is not a Smart Language Solitons issue.
Should either a tutor or tutee prove not to honour lessons or payments Smart Language Solutions reserves the right to remove and block such people from our service.


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