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Video Chat

The Language Exchange Website – Video Chat Page

The Language Exchange Website – Video Chat Page where you can exchange your language with other users for free.

Use our FREE software and you don’t have to share your personal contact details on Skype, Hangouts, snapchat, etc.

To find your perfect chat partner:

  • Search for native speakers who is learning your language.
  • Exchange some text messages.
  • Read to chat? Start a video conversation.
Anonymous4: Good afternoon from cell phone
Anonymous23: Hello
Anonymous22: Hello friend
Anonymous23: I see it!
Anonymous22: That works
Anonymous35: anyone wants to learn Chinese?
adminingles: Yes I want, but it's very difficult
adminingles: surprised
Anonymous56: Hi! I'm new here
adminingles: jjjdgfhsf
Dmitry: Hello
juan: Hello Dmitry how are you?
Ivan: Hallo Chaps
juan: hello
juan: Are you here now?
Ivan: text chat is ok
juan: hello
Anonymous184: Hi Dmitry, how are you?
Anonymous184: the second one
Anonymous184: if can write to me a message here
Anonymous184: hello
Feargal: Hello Test message from me
Anonymous207: Hi Feargal
Anonymous265: Hello
Anonymous283: fghfghfgh
Anonymous303: Good weather today
Anonymous385: Hi Dmitry, how are you?
Anonymous406: hello
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