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Word of the Day – Expediency

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Word of the Day – Expediency

Word of the Day – Expediency

Today’s Smart Language Solutions word of the day is, expediency. [ik-spee-dee-uh n-see]
The origin of the word expediency is late Latin.
Part of speech
The word expediency is a noun.
The word expediency is used to suggest an entity who does something in their own self-interest or convenience rather than for what is proper or moral. Examples
“A new history of the British Empire elevates expediency to principle.” – The Atlantic dot com
“Capital punishment is expedient.” – “Public Speaking” by Clarence Stratton.
“The lawyer’s truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency.” – Henry David Thorea
Word of the Day – Expediency - Langauge Exchange Text & Meme: Feargal Coffey – feargal@ smartlanguagesolutions.com Photos: Pixabay (c) 2017 Smart Language Solutions #Word of the Day, #Expediency #Langage #Exchange

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